Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Our Pleasure to Serve You (video)

The iconic blue and white NYC take out coffee cup was the focus of  'It's Our Pleasure to Serve You' - an installation I did at the Vizivarosi Gallery in Budapest in June 2010.  On one side of the coffee cup the discobolus is featured prominently, his nudity now covered by some sort of gladiatorial skirt.  I am fascinated that an image of a sculpture created in the 5th century BC has remained in our visual vocabulary.  (The original bronze by Myron has long been lost, but a plethora of marble  copies in various states of repair still exist). 

I chose to re-interpret this image in a vocabulary unavailable to the not so distant past, but is now commonplace - a lo rez digital breakdown.  By hand painting each square, or digital unit, I have tried to re-assert a sense of the organic and unpredictable into something that usually resides in the realm of  mathematics.  Here is a video of the project (digital, of course)