Friday, January 13, 2012


Answering the how, the what, the why and other unfathomable questions of the universe has always preoccupied mankind.  Sibyls, Seers and Prophets hold a sacred place in our mythologies.  Of course the answers given are never staight forward and the signs and cryptic words are always open to interpretation.  Over dinner at our favorite chinatown noodle joint the other night, Joyce was playing with her new iphone.  "Ask it a question" she said, handing me the phone over a gently steaming bowl of fishball and hand pulled noodles.  I pushed the button, then asked "How do I become a famous artist?"  After a moment or two Siri's voice in a monotone with only the slightest hint of emotion replied like some modern oracle at Delphi -"here is a list of art supply stores in the area".
I guess that means I should keep painting...
Here are a few new ones:

Christopher Pelley  ITALIAN LESSON #1  oil/canvas   100cm x 115cm 

Christopher Pelley  RECLINING NUDE  oil/canvas  90cm x 120cm

Christopher Pelley  ANTINOO  oil/canvas   75cm x 90cm

Christopher Pelley  SIGN LANGUAGE (ITALIAN)  oil/canvas  60cm x 70cm

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